Why A-1?

Generating Solutions

Since our inception in 1973, we’ve never lost sight of our overall goal: To provide only the highest level of customer service possible, establishing a positive reputation amongst area architects, engineers, general contractors and business owners. How do we do it? Using our years of experience, we are able to view projects holistically so that we can determine the best, most practical solutions to achieve our clients’ goals without the setbacks of unexpected change orders.

Our Services


Partnering with our in-house engineering firm, Drake Engineering has propelled us to become one of the leading electrical contracting companies in Louisiana. Utilizing our design-build capabilities, complete with 3D-modeled plans, we can streamline your entire project’s timeline through innovative means.


Our years of experience has taught us that success truly is in the details. Our diverse work portfolio and relationship with our in-house engineers enable us to see every stage of a project from every angle, allowing us to provide you with the most precise estimate available. Eliminating gray areas is what we do best.


We know that, in the construction world, time equals money. That’s why when we create deadlines, we do everything in our power to stick to them. When something is in our court, you can rest assured that it’s in good hands.


With A-1, our service doesn’t stop after your build is complete. Should you encounter any sort of issue, wish to upgrade your systems or simply need routine maintenance, we are always here to assist in any way that we can.


  • Foot Candle Calculations
  • Emergency Egress Design
  • Lighting Controls
  • Energy Code Calculations
  • User-Friendly, Ergonomic Design
  • Power Distribution/Electrical Riser Diagrams
  • Utility Company Coordination
Emergency Standby Generators
  • Generator Selection Based on Application
Speciality Systems
  • Fire Alarm
  • Telecommunications
  • Intercom
  • Security
  • CCTV
  • Nurse Call
  • Access Control
Electrical System Protection
  • Lightning Protection
  • Surge Protection/Power Quality